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Independent Bookstore Day is Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Order deadline is Friday, February 2, 2018.

Eligibility and participation: All current dues-paying members of a regional Independent Bookseller’s Association who run a brick-and-mortar store are eligible to participate in IBD. By ordering, each store is agreeing to the “Rules of Participation” listed on the order form.

Each participating store must order at least 15 pieces total (15 of one item, 5 each of three items, or any other combination) from the IBD catalog. We will make every effort to fulfill all quantities ordered, but we can’t guarantee every amount and some orders may be reduced if supplies are limited. Bookstores will be invoiced for what they actually receive. IBD T-shirts & totes DO NOT count toward this total.

Ordering: All orders must be placed online at www.indiebookstoreday.com by February 2, 2018. All orders are non-returnable and cannot be canceled or changed after February 2, 2018.

Distribution and discounts: All distribution will be via Ingram. Stores must have an account in good standing. All items are non-returnable and include free freight.  Discounts of at least 45% apply to all IBD items.

Invoicing: Ingram will handle all invoicing.

Shipping: Items will be shipped by April 15, 2018.

Lay-Down Date: No exclusive items may be held, reserved, sold in-store or online until April 28, 2018. It is our hope that most items will sell out on that date and we suggest you order accordingly. Stores may continue to sell items in store after IBD. Stores can sell the items on their own websites beginning May 8, 2018. Do NOT sell items on third party websites such as eBay or Abe Books.

Stores may display IBD items as soon as they are received!

Contact Information: For all other questions, please contact Samantha Schoech at schoech70@mac.com or 415-846-6131, or Ann Seaton at ann@nciba.com or 415-561-7686.


By ordering these books, I certify that:

• I own or work for a brick and mortar independent bookstore that is a current dues-paying member of its regional association; and

• I may not change or cancel my order at any time; and

• I will NOT sell any of these books online until after May 5, 2018; and

• I will NOT sell any of these books in-store before April 28, 2018; and

• I will NOT reserve copies for anyone; and

• I will do my best to make IBD a successful event in my store; and

• I will do my best to reach out to customers and media to promote IBD

 Please note: All stores must order a combined total of 15 items. 45% discount and free shipping on all orders. All items are non-returnable.

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Use the pull down options to select quantity to order. All listed prices are RETAIL prices. To order more than 100 copies of a single title, please contact Samantha directly at IBD@NCIBA.com.
This handy 100% cotton canvas zippered pouch (perfect for pencils, make up, cash, and other sundries) features a quote from Colson Whitehead’s inspirational National Book Award speech and design elements from the cover of Underground Railroad. “BE KIND TO EVERYBODY. MAKE ART. FIGHT THE POWER.”
A gorgeous, frame-worthy print from the bestselling cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid Heat. “How to Make a Mayonnaise” is the funny and useful illustration from Wendy MacNaughton. Signed by BOTH the illustrator and the author.
A feminist comic by female creators! A mysterious and bloodthirsty matriarchal force runs the town of Redlands, Florida, and in order to stay on top, sacrifices must be made. Inspired by the strange complexities of real-world politics and crime, the characters of Redlands play victim and villain, attempting to understand themselves and others through murder, magic, and mayhem. This special edition will have an exclusive cover and be signed by BOTH the creator and the artist!
Each one of these special editions of Ungrateful Mammals has a unique cover hand drawn by Dave Eggers. They are true collector’s items with original works of art on each one. Books will arrive individually shrink-wrapped. Quantities are extremely limited.
Every year we create our signature “Bad Citizen” Graffiti Stencil to highlight the authors and the words that push us to think, read, and be disruptive when necessary. This year’s stencil features a timely quote from Margaret Atwood The Handmaid’s Tale: DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN, the ultimate rallying cry for our time.
Finally, a way for book clubs (or solo readers) to keep track of their reading lives! This beautifully designed journal has pages and prompts for writing your thoughts and opinions about the books you’ve read, keeping track of book club meetings, and more than 45 original, quirky, themed recommended reading lists from authors and booksellers around the country. Martin Cruz Smith gives us the “Real Russia” reading list. The booksellers at Parnassus in Nashville give us “Books narrated by non-humans.”
This year’s flour sack tea towels feature two food-related literary quotes from Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain.
This year’s $6 Story is a collection of flash fiction from great short story writers including A.M. Homes, Etgar Keret, Celeste Ng, Amy Bloom, and many others. Each story is only 200-1,000 words and must contain some mention of a book, bookstore, or library. The results range from hilarious to poignant to downright strange. It’s a wonderful mini anthology of the form.
The 25 titles featured on this beautiful literary map of the universe are an unpredictable mix of modern classics and more obscure science fiction titles recommended by booksellers. Created by 3Fish Studios, creators of Bookstore Day’s A Literary Map of California and A Literary Map of the Seas.
A super-soft onesie for bookish babies based on Adam Rubin’s bestselling Dragons Love Tacos books illustrated by the wonderful Daniel Salmieri.
In her forthcoming graphic novel Be Prepared, Vera Brosgol tells a witty, heartfelt story of (barely) surviving Russian summer camp. In her exclusive, original print, she illustrates how reading and books can get you through a long, hot summer full of threats and turmoil (watch out for those paper cuts).
Everybody’s favorite preschool mouse Maisy, star of dozens of beloved books, wears her exclusive READ WITH ME t-shirt with pride! Back of t-shirt sports the IBD logo.
“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent!” A 1940 Dr. Seuss classic is now an IBD exclusive with a pro-reading, indie message on his t-shirt. Faithful Horton, of Horton Hatches the Egg and Horton Hears a Who fame, is a true collectible and very cuddly. Back of t-shirt reads: READ WITH ME. Front of t-shirt sports the IBD logo.
Pete Seeger once sang that if he had a golden thread, he would use it to weave people from all over the world to one another. Pete Seeger’s messages of universal understanding and social and environmental justice inspired generations—and have left a lasting legacy. With dazzling, lyrical verse in the folk revival style, and cut-paper illustrations in black and ochre that capture the spirit of the man and his times, Colin Meloy and Nikki McClure pay tribute to a visionary who changed the world with song.
A specially stickered, free edition of a classic in the A Very Short Introduction series. Feminism provides a short, concise introduction to the issues of feminism; combines sound historical background with thought-provoking questions about the future of feminism; and tackles feminism not just in the West, but worldwide.
Special 20th Anniversary free item from Scholastic (Details TK).
This coloring book features images from the best-selling Llama Llama picture book series. Llama’s adventures include bedtime drama, a first day of school, and a sleepover at Gram and Grandpa’s—all familiar situations for toddlers and preschoolers everywhere. With gentle humor and fun-to-read rhyming text, your store’s Little Llamas will love coloring in this Independent Bookstore Day exclusive. The newest addition to the Llama franchise, Llama Llama Loves to Read, goes on sale just after Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2018.
Thanks to our publishing partners Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Macmillan, and the ABA we are able to provide FREE Independent Bookstore Day bookmarks to all stores! Order as many as you think your store(s) can give out in April—from 500 to 15,000 (multiples of 500 only). All stores must agree to give out the IBD bookmarks in place of or in addition to their own bookmarks with every transaction for the month of April. Each bookmark has a small space, 2” x 1”, for your store’s stamp or sticker. Your bookmarks will be shipped by the ABA and will arrive with your March ABA RED BOX. Please keep an eye out for it.
All stores must order a combined total of 15 items. Free shipping on all orders. All items are non-returnable.