Getting the Word Out: Publicizing Independent Bookstore Day

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We will be working hard to get the word out nationwide. We are working on getting publicity in major print, radio and TV outlets.

BUT WE NEED YOU TO REACH OUT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITIES if this is going to work.  We need you to leverage all of your outreach to help get the word out.

And the word is not just “come and buy some of these cool things.” The word is “join the party!”


What to do right now (February):

• Link to IBD ( on your store’s home page. There is a downloadable logo on our website that you are free to use however you want to promote the day.  These URLS lead to the webpage:,,

• Include a countdown clock to IBD on your homepage. (available for free here:

• Create an IBD-specific page on your website. We have images for all IBD items that you are free to use. Make sure you list all the details about your store’s IBD plans & events. The sooner you have this page created, the more likely it is that we can link directly to it from our searchable database of participating stores. Make one now, populate it later.

• Add IBD to your regular events calendar!

• SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS! Create Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts if you don’t already have them (please see our social media tip sheet). #bookstoreday

• SCHEDULE YOUR EVENTS. We can use your events to promote the day nationally. The more creative, the better. Please see MAKING THE MOST OF IBD for tons of tips on planning events. 


What to do in March:

• Reach out to local media including city and neighborhood papers, online news sites and blogs, TV and radio. Small newspapers and local news sites are always looking for stories—they’ll be glad to hear from you. We have a press release template on the website’s media section. All you have to do is fill in your store’s details and email it out.

• Start selling IBD bags and t-shirts in your store if you haven’t already. Get the conversation started with your customers.

• Mention IBD in your March newsletter. Build excitement and anticipation.


What to do in April:

•  Start passing out IBD bookmarks with each sale.

• Start promoting via social media daily. Mention authors on Twitter to increase chances of retweets. Show images and have fun with it!

• Do a splashy email newsletter inviting your customers to your party on April 30.

• Talk up IBD in the store & make sure your entire staff is on board. Have them wear their IBD t-shirts!

• Send out your event listing to local calendars.

• Make it visible: Create signage, window displays or bag stuffers promoting IBD and your party on that day!


As you start planning your store’s Bookstore Day celebration, please let us know what you are doing via email, Twitter and Facebook.  Exchanging ideas about events and promotion will help lift all boats.


Social Media Tip Sheet

(from Dadascope PR)

Tag everything #bookstoreday

Increasing your social media influence directly impacts the number of people who see you and can make a huge difference for your store on Independent Bookstore Day and beyond. And it’s free!

•      Consider joining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if you are not already active on any social media sites.

•      If you are already active, your goal is to add 50+ Facebook friends, follow 50+ relevant people on Twitter, follow 50+ on Instagram.

•     Follow @bookstoreday and Facebook/bookstoreday and share our posts! Follow other bookstores, authors and publishers. Follow @greenapplebooks, @greenlightbklyn, ‪@vromans‪, and @Politics_Prose. They all do a very good job with Twitter.

•      Consider buying social tools to increase community: FB ads, Twitter post promoting, Kickstagram.

•      Use Followerwonk to find Twitter social influencers by searching for key words pertaining to books, bookselling, publishing, the shop local movement, cultural community, etc.

•      Engage with social influencers by starting conversations, commenting on post and sharing content - 5X per day

•      Social Posting Schedulers: Using a social scheduler will make your life much simpler. You can plan out all of your posts for the day in the morning and it will free up time to work on other campaign needs. Consider using: Hootsuite or Buffer