Q: When is California Bookstore Day?

A: Saturday, May 3, 2014!

Q. Where is California Bookstore Day? 

A: At your favorite local bookstore. There are more than 90 bookstores participating. Each one will plan a slightly different event, but they will all be selling the same super-cool, CBD-only books.


Q: Is this like Record Store Day?

A: Yes! The popularity of Record Store Day is what inspired Green Apple bookstore co-owner Pete Mulvihill to ask major publishers to support a similar day for independent bookstores.

Q: What, exactly, are you selling?

A: Our author friends and publishing partners have come up with some truly inspired books and items for CBD. We're talking major authors, incredibly creative ideas, and art pieces that will blow your mind—all in very limited quantities. Keep checking here for more details throughout spring 2014.

Q. Can items be reserved or purchased online?

A. Nope. Sorry. This is all about showing up at your favorite bookstore on May 3, 2014. 

Q: California is pretty and all, but why no love for the other 49 states?

A: We do love you! For this first year we are concentrating our love on California (where there are lots and lots of great indie bookstores). But we have our sights set on a National Bookstore Day in 2015, so don't you worry.

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