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Each one of these special editions of the Ungrateful Mammals BOOKS contains a piece original art hand drawn by Dave Eggers. They are true collector’s items with original works of art in each one. Books will arrive individually shrink-wrapped. THERE ARE ONLY 160 COPIES OF THIS EDITION.

About the author: Before he embarked on his writing career, Dave Eggers was classically trained as a draftsman and painter. He then spent many years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer before turning to writing full-time. More recently, in order to raise money for Scholar Match, his college-access nonprofit, he returned to visual art. Eggers’s work has been nominated for the National Book Award, the Pulitzer Prize, and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Eggers lives in Northern California with his family. His novels include The Circle, A Hologram for the King, and Heroes of the Frontier.

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Limit: 3 per store (allocations may be made). Author: Dave Eggers Publisher: Abrams Specs: HC BOOK, 11” x 1” x 8” inches
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